Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Candlemaking at Home

Doubles Boiler $6.95 + candlemaking kit (don't ask how much)
 As promised, yesterday I attempted to make my own candles.  Now all you witchy folk out there that are used to doing this won't be impressed, but since I am new to this I thought this was going to be a pain in the you know what.  It wasn't!  I purchased a double boiler at the Junkologist (thrift shop) and a candle making kit from Michaels.  I purchased the kit to give me some help and then if I really enjoy making my candles I can move on from here.
Supplies contained in kit
The kit came with some decent supplies: Dye, wax, thermometer, molds, wicks and fragrance (which I didn't use), I used my own essential oils.
1/4 of wax block
 Since I didn't want to make a ton of candles, I just eyeballed it.  I used a quarter of the wax from one of the blocks of wax provided.
13 minutes to melt time!
 It took approximately 13 minutes for the wax to melt (interesting number).  Pretty easy so far.  I followed instructions, which helps a lot.  I usually don't follow instructions but I kind of did.  Except for the part of using their fragrance which came in a block form, I used my oils.  Bergamot, lavendar and sweet orange.
Shavings of blue and yellow dye
 Had to run to the computer to figure out how to make the color green.  I know, I should know this, but honestly I can't remember where my glasses are most of the time.  The computer is a magickal friend!  Blue + Yellow = Green.  I wanted green becaused I decided to make prosperity candles.

A lovely green color
  Here is the green wax, bubbling away.  I must get a witchy hat, next time I make my candles I have to wear it!

Add caption
  After the wax temperature is between 185 and 200 degrees I poured out the wax into the molds.  Don't forget the newspaper to protect your work surface, I almost did, and after I splashed some wax around I was very happy for the newspaper.
 These are my little dogs wondering what the heck Mami was up to in the kitchen that didn't involve cooking.
 Five minutes after pouring the wax into the molds, I added the wicks.
 Fifteen minutes after I added the wicks, I inserted a pencil on either side of the wicks to let pockets of air out.  I did this according to the instructions.  They do come in handy.

Again, according to instructions, I added more melted wax to the top of the mold.

Here are my candles!  I waited 2 hours then pulled them free of the molds.  Not perfect but I'm impressed with myself.
Here is one of my candles on my altar.  I charged them this morning and did a spell.  I'll let you know if I hit the lottery!

Would I do this again?  Yes indeed I would!


  1. Very cool! They look like they came out very nicely!

  2. omg, i have wanted to make candles but when i just think about it, it seems too much for my already over loaded brain to deal with. this made it look less intimidating. and i think they came out great! i'll have to look into the kit. how many is it supposed to make? good luck with the blog; i'm now a follower. BB, Amy

  3. Very lovely candles! I need to get a new kit to make some more myself.

  4. Thank you! Wow I have followers! I thought I would be lonesome out here on the WEB by myself! Oh, you can make 32 candles from the kit! I'm on my way to follow your blogs, I just have to figure it out! Brave new world to me! Many thanks :)

  5. Candle making is fun. I am by no means an expert, but here' a couple tips I've figured out while I was experimenting- never use the block fragrance as it really sucks (doesn't hold the scent or just doesn't project the scent)and for you can use crayons to get the exact color you want. I use the old ends that my kids leave behind, but if you wanted to get fancy you can just pick up a big box and get a lot of colors without having to mix. =) welcome to the world of wax!

  6. Awesomely done if I do say so!!

  7. Looks like you have the first attempt at candle-making down to an art :)
    Wait till you try working with soy wax/container candles - much less thermometer work required.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs!

  8. Thank you ladies! The candle burned beautifully and thank you for the tips! I'm definitely picking up a box of crayons this week.