Friday, April 15, 2011

To Cast or not To Cast

I have a dilemma.  When it comes to casting circles, I love them, but don't love the time for the set up.  I've discussed this with friends and they are quite comfortable casting a quick spell and moving on.  I'm not an expert so I want to do what is best.  I find that my spells work much better in a circle, but really don't want to depend on the circle when I want to do a quick spell.  Other magickal systems don't cast spells.  Kitchen witches, hedge witches etc. don't always cast spells.  Would a white light of protection do as well.  What about all that energy that is raised during a spell?  What I do love about a cast circle is the energy you feel at the perimeter of the cast circle and calling quarters.  Whatever I do in the circle seems so reverant.  So please offer up your opinion, advice and or experiences.  Share your knowledge.  Blessed Be.


  1. I don't do what's considered standard ritual magic, so all I can offer is my experience in my path.
    I don't feel comfortable connecting to the energy of the world without some form of protection, and following a set of actions that are fairly consistent every time helps me to further set my mind in the 'casting' frame. To that end what I do is set up a phrase, or mental 'switch', that I say or flip every time I start. Something simple that after several uses becomes synonymous with the 'feeling' of casting the full circle, so that the energy lines up as if I had.
    I hope that doesn't sound like some weird rambling and helps =).

  2. I think the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you are doing! =)

  3. Thank you Traveler and Mrs. B, this helps very much!

  4. Responding a little late on this one, but I've been busy...

    I have a circle casting that can be done "long style" with all 2 verses + circle energy creation of it and there's the "short style" which is simply the last 2 lines to trigger the circle energies.

    The short style is what I use when I'm in a hurry (ie: 'zero to witch in 2.5 seconds') or want to keep things simple. I think this is the one I do tend to use most often!
    The longer version is what I'll use if I'm doing a sabbat ritual or similar or want a little extra oomph to my circle, if that makes sense?

    OMGds, I just reiterated what The Traveler explained... :)
    I also agree with Mrs B; go with what feels comfortable for you, because bells, whistles and all that stuff only works if you feel it does for you.


  5. Hi Charlotte, not too late to post. Good to hear from you. I've been pondering this, I like the idea of the short version. I will be casting more circles just to get the hang of it so that I can feel comfortable and get in touch with those circle energies! I think once I'm confortable casting a circle without looking at my notes, I will be able to do a shorter version without all the bells and whistles. I so love the advice I'm getting from the magickal community. Bless Be.

  6. I have to add, I've been known to take a tip from a fictional character and create instant circles around me by forcefully saying the word "Rhombus!". Takes a bit of practice to make it feel right, but if you've been casting circles for a bit and can visualize well - it works!

  7. I like your creativity Mrs. B! Maybe I can come up with my own instant circle magic word. Me thinks its time to get creative.