Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Buddy my dog.

Hope everyone had a lovely Holiday weekend.  I feel like I'm stepping out of a fog.  It was actually very relaxing this weekend.  Didn't plan on posting today, but I have to share this picture with you.  We can learn a lot from animals, you got it...stop and smell the roses.  Look at his face, I'm not sure if he is smelling the roses or scoping out a bee to eat.  You never know with Buddy (everyone this is Buddy.).  I'm just thankful that he grew tired of eating the siding on my house, oh and he is no longer digging holes, and he ceased licking Goliath (my 4 lb. Yorkie) until he looks like he stepped out of a bath.  Besides those things there are some life lessons.  For instance: bark if you have to, sometimes its necessary.  If you stay outside long enough you get used to the wet dog smell, just don't come in the house!  If you've got an itch, scratch it, no matter where it is.  If a bird flies by....watch it intently..... until another bird happens by.  Grab a ball and run with it, if anyone tries to take it from you...snarl. Don't pick on smaller dogs.  Mark your territory, just don't mark it on the Chihuahua's head.  Appreciate everything you eat, drool over it, savor it.  Yes Buddy has taught me many things, such as marking my territory (in a different way of course), bark sometimes, stand my ground,  try different foods (just no aluminum siding).  Run because I can, sit and watch the wildlife in my backyard, and love unconditionally. So with these happy little thoughts I leave you for now.  I'm off to buy boxes for packing.  I figure if I pack up everything, I won't have to clean the house and I can focus on blogging, crafts, art journaling and playing with my dogs along with whatever little critters the Goddess puts in my path.  Have a great day.

Blessed Be.


  1. Dogs are great companions. :)

  2. Love that Buddy, but I can't help thinking that what Buddy teaches us, teaches us about men. The same rules seem to apply.