Friday, May 6, 2011

The Circle Within - By Diane Sylvan

Well here it is my very first ever review - The Circle Within. I’ve had this book for over 2 years now and just recently reread it. I was looking for something to help me add to my morning time alone with the Divine. I light my candles, close my eyes and grond myself,  but sometimes its turns into something like this: “Thanks for everything, take care of everyone, Blessed Be”.  Now that is not quality time with the All That Is.  Then I rediscovered this book. Through the first part of this book Ms. Sylvan leads you down a path of self-discovery. Each chapter has a series of questions which delves into how you see God and Goddess, what makes you feel spiritually fulfilled, have you ever felt Divine presence, etc.  She accomplishes this without being preachy or pushy, she makes you put your thinking cap on like a good litle doobie. One of her suggestions is to start each morning  connecting with God and Goddess through this little prayer to open your heart:

“Blessed Mother, Radiant Father
I open my heart to Your love and Your wisdom
Help me to see You, hear Your voice, take Your hands.
Help me to find You in myself,
Help me to find You all around me.
Blessed be.”

She suggests you do this for a few weeks and look out for any signs the Gods may send you. I fell in love with this short little prayer. I typed it up, printed it out and decided to put it on my altar. I guess I have problems with memorizing prayers (rebellion against my upbringing) or it could be menopause brain or both! Anyway, I made it look pretty....take a peak….

Now when I enter my blue room, where my altar is, I look at this pretty little plaque light my candles, focus on the God and Goddess and say my prayer.

The second part of the book is called The Book of Moonlight. Here Ms. Sylvan includes book blessings, morning and evening devotionals, offering rites and celebration rituals. These can be incorporated or serve as a guide to build your own rituals. I love this book. It makes you think and makes you look within.  If you are looking for suggestions for creating your own spiritual practice, let's say your own spiritual road map, this book will start you on your journey.

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