Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Death of Osama Bin Ladin

I was delighted yesterday when I heard the news.  At the same time how could I delight in the death of a another?  I couldn't come to terms with both feelings.  Then I think of the terror, pain and evil of that day and I don't feel so bad.  When I commuted everyday in and out of Manhattan for the last 7 years the thought of a terrorist attack ran through my head each and every morning and afternoon.  Each time my commuter bus rode through the Lincoln Tunnel each time I boarded the #5 train, I looked at everyone yet made no eye contact.  I know they target these places.  On my bus into NYC I watched everyone with a backpack the same thing while on the train.  I listened for conversations for anything anti-American.  Nah, I don't feel so bad for feeling relieved and a sense of vindication.  I moved back to NY in 2003 after 9/11.  The first time I attended a Disaster Preparedness meeting given by my company I felt real fear!  I remember getting choked up.  I didn't remember working in NYC like this.  We even had special disaster preparedness kits issued to each employee or should I say work station.  These were kept on your desk at all times.  In it was water, blanket, flashlight and protein bars.  MY DH and I had discussed that if anything happened we would not look for each other...we would try to head home.  I made the same pact with a few of my fellow commuters.  We planned where to meet in the event of an attack.  Our plan was to work our way to 11th Avenue, try and get on one of the Ferry there and head over to NJ, there we would meet and then try and find a way home in Central NJ.  The massacre of 9/11, the innocent lives that were taken makes me ill.  I'm not naive and think that our problems are over, do I think there will be another terrorist attack?  Yes I do.  Am I glad I no longer work in NYC, yes, I am.  Do I worry about DH when he leaves every morning? You betcha.  Can it happen anywhere? Yeap.  No, I'm not sad this man is dead, its just a shame that there will be someone in line fillling his spot. 

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