Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm YouTube!

Last week I wrote that I was getting my art on. Well, I am, I'm doing art journals.  Since starting this blog, its all been about expressing myself.  I express myself through food, crafts and words.  I'm not a writer and I'm not an artist, but I have a pretty good imagination (I hope).  I know you do, or else you wouldn't have found my blog.  This path that we are on puts us in touch with the creativity inside of us.  Visualizing a circlem, doing a guided meditation, creating a ritual from scratch requires us to focus within and let our inner vision create for us.  Sounds pretty imaginative to me.  What has inspired me....YouTube.  All these talented artists out there sharing their work, their techniques and teaching us!  It gives us permission to play.  The child inside of us who used to like to play with crayons and clay peeks out from behind our grown-up eyes and asks "Is the coast clear, are the grown-ups gone? YAY!"  That is what I've experienced watching YouTube.......endlessly.  One who stands out for me is Suzi Blu .  She is quirky funny, magical and talented.  Her videos will make you laugh and inspire you at the same time.  I've already signed up for one of her classes at her website Suzi Blu's Les Petit Academy.  I like her style and her attitude.  Another person JournalArtista (just type in her name when you get to YouTube because I'm having issues again with blogger).  If you happen to get inspired like I did, check our her video on supplies.   I was actually able to make an art journal entry that I love.  I love to touch it, if I were a dog I'd probably lick it (LOL! I crack myself up sometimes), its got all these great cool textures and sexy colors.  Why am I doing this? I don't know.  I sure am enjoying it though.  I know it will work its way into my rituals, my worship and my life. Check these two ladies out.  Let me know what you think.

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