Friday, May 20, 2011

The Lord and Lady Like their Space

I've been packing, scanning pictures on to my computer and catching up since I was away last week.  I wanted to share with you an experience.  I have a spare room, I call it the blue room.  This is a guest room, but it also has my altar, my magickal books, tarot cards, etc.  This is also the room where I meditate in.  Well, last week I was going to focus on learning more about blogging.  Did I do that? Nope, I got my ART on!  I went nuts with paints, stamps, crayons, mixed media journal books!  My husband is asking me where his wife went? LMAO!  All my purchases ended up in the blue room.  Brushes, art kits, paints were on top of the bed, stuff was spilling out of my craft basket and spreading to a laundry basket as well, I couldn't find anything!  I couldn't focus in the room, something did not feel right.  I have noticed (before my sojourn into the art world) when I greet the Lord and Lady, my guides and my house spirits in the morning, the minute I approach my altar there is palpable energy!  I know now what sacred space feels like.  It feels like my altar.  I was not feeling this energy the last few days.  Yesterday I went to one of my favorite places, the dollar store, and bought a bunch of bins.  I sorted all my arts and crafts stuff (too much for someone who has no artistic talent) and moved everything into the computer/office room.  This morning I went into my blue room and the energy was totally different.  I actually felt the spirits were happy!  As I walked out of the room I got it (intuitively) they didn't like sharing their room with all that stuff!  This is how they like their sacred space, they kicked that clutter OUT! They would not let me rest until they had their space back.  Am I crazy?  Has anyone out there had something like this happen to them? 


  1. I'm a big believer that clutter keeps us from connecting - clutter in out actual living space or clutter in our minds. Simple and organized keeps all the energy flowing! That might just be the domestic witch in me, though, lol!

  2. You are so right Mrs. B.
    By the way, see you tomorrow @ 9:30! A mugwort picking we will go!