Monday, May 23, 2011

Mugwort Picking

Happy Monday everyone!  Well,  went mugwort picking with Mrs. B this past Saturday.  There was a nice size group and we had a very enlightening time.  Here I am thinking mugwort is this exotic herb that I can only get at the metaphysical store. WRONG!  Its a weed!  It's all over New Jersey.  We picked this up by the beach, the city is chopping it down left and right.  Mrs. B mentioned that the stalks get very thick and grow up to 6 ft. tall.  Hmmmmm....that sounds familiar, and when I got a look at it, it even LOOKS familiar.  Why?  Because I've trying to chop it down for the last five years!  The minute I got home I walked over to a corner on my property and sure enough there it is.  Hubby mowed it last week.  Actually, he weed wacked it.  Wait until I tell him not to mow it anymore so I can harvest it!  He thinks I'm nuts anyway, he'll think I went over the edge on this one.  Thank you Mrs. B for showing me what mugwort really looks like, now I can get creative with my very own patch of mugwort.

Harvested Mugwort

Mugwort we chopped down last week
Jeez it hard being a witch sometimes.  Candlemaking, art, cooking, spirituality, spells, soltices, esbats now I have to worry about weed wacking really cool weeds!