Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sweatpants - Friend or Foe

I know this is a blog about witchery and stuff, but come on I have to deal with the mundane world too.  Soooo, looking for something to wear on this dreary NJ day and my closet is still stuffed with winter clothes.  I'm looking for something that will hide all my imperfections, and what do I come across....a turquise blue velour sweatpant set courtesy of Hanes.  I love these they are so yummy and I found turqoise socks to match too.  I usually don't match my socks to my oufit, that would take too much planning.  Actually my socks NEVER match what I wear, I usually find a contrasting color.  Anyway, I digress, today sweatpants are my friends.  Other times sweats play tricks on me.  That wonderful elastic band fails to alert me when I've gained weight, and with no full length mirrors in the house I tell myself I'm fine,still looking hot.  Inevitably the day comes that I have to wear real clothing and nothing fits!  That's the day I'm pissed of at sweatpants.  The trickster!  Well I guess I will  have to come to terms with summer clothing eventually, that's when I fall in love with maxi dresses, the only part of me that shows are my muscular arms.  Well they are not really muscular, but they sure are big!  These are the silly things I think of as I drive around in the rain.  Can't wait to get home and put on my HUSBAND'S sweat pants.  They are even bigger and thicker, extra yum!


  1. Don't feel bad...I love my yoga pants, so much so that they were all I wore for about a month (I never went anywhere but to work during this time) and when I finally decided to get up and out and have a social life jeans were tight. Talk about one upset witch.

    I don't like summer.....I can't hide my extra baggage nearly as well.

  2. What am I going to do when I move to Florida? Oh yes, the long flowing summer dresses.