Thursday, June 2, 2011

Packing up Magickal Stuff

I've been packing my little heart out, finally had to pack up my blue room (magickal, mystical, meditation room).  I want to get as much packed as possible and just live with the minimum of stuff, so when it comes time to move I can pretty much pack everything in 3 days.

The hardest items to pack was my altar and my magickal "stuff".  First books, I packed them away.  I started to panic!  I can't live without my books.  So I decided to keep three and ended up with five.  Magickal Housekeeping by Tess Whitehurt, There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, Wayne W. Dyer, Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, Scott Cunningham, Infinite Quest, John Edward, Utterly Wicked by Dorothy Morrison,  American Folk Magick, Silver Ravenwolf and All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew (how'd that get n there?) oh wait that makes six.  Six books to get me through the next three months.  Then I packed my candles, not too hard.  Kept out the ones I had made (which have been working divinely I might add).  I went back to the packed box ad pulled out some white candles and some red candles and added that to the green candles I hadn't packed.  Then I decided to keep a few spell kits I had purchased (you never know).  Herbs and oils, yes, yes I did, I packed them all.  Dolls, lace, string all packed for the move.  Put away my Runes and all my tarots cards, changed my mind and kept one set out (The Physchic Tarot).  Then came the moment of truth, the actual altar.  I decided to keep only my 7 day candles.  Oh but I need my smudge stick for my morning ritual.  Not bad, two 7 day candles and a smudge stick.  Hey what if  need to do a spell, so I kept my little box of tools in case I want to do a spell, which I probably will.  Oh, then I decided I needed my cauldron and my aura cleansing spray, my protection spray and peaceful house spray.  I did pack my feather and glass pentacle, I have a small one in my magick box.  So much for streamlining my altar!  I didn't realize I was so high maintenance.  I love accessories, magickal ones.  Well, guess I did make some strides and now lets see how the next few months pan out.  I miss my stuff already (heavy sigh).

If you had to pack up your altar, what items would you absolutely have to keep?  How attached are you to your magickal accessories?  I'd appreciate any ideas.  Any multi-purpose uses?   I want to keep it simple, which is not working.....

Blessed Be.


  1. Oh, how I can relate to this blogpost! :)
    Just over 2 years ago, I moved from my home of New Zealand to be with my fiance in Australia, and had to pack up EVERYTHING that wouldn't fit in my flight luggage. And it all had to be done 3 months ahead of departure!
    I learned really quickly that a box of matches and inexpensive tealight candles on an old saucer will work pretty much any spell required. And as for wands etc, well, I was blessed with 10 perfectly good ones on the ends of my hands (my fingers!) so was able to continue on in a manner!

    Then, after a year of living in the small town we were in, we moved (to an even smaller town ironically), which meant (in my case at least) simply plunking a sticker on my still-packed boxes (hubby had enough stuff around, I wasn't going to fight that) to indicate that they were mine, and then packing up his things whilst he worked 2 jobs. Never again says I to that.

    I can safely say that both experiences have taught me that much as I love my accessories and doodads of magic, I can get by with just a tealight, a matchbox and my own common sense. Oh, and it's taught hubby that he needed to seriously declutter and sort out what he REALLY needed LOL!

    Good luck with the move!

    Charlotte <|:)

  2. Thank you Charlotte! My 7 days candles are burned out, so today I pulled out my tealight candles! You are right, those three things you mentioned is really all you need.