Monday, April 18, 2011

Beautiful Monday!

So nice to see the Sun!  So nice to see you too!  We had horrible weather up here this past weekend.  Flooding in New Jersey.  The highway right by my house was closed on Saturday night.  The rain put a bit of a damper on full moon ritual, but we still got together and worked a little somethin' somethin'.  Nice to get together with like-minded folk.

Well my mind is running in 17 different directions this morning.  Feel the need to get crafty.  Can't share it yet in case I totally bomb at what I'm thinking of doing. If it turns out nicely you will see pics!  So with my 40% Michael's coupon in my hot little hands I will venture forth to craft heaven (although AC Moore had more stuff).  I am so fighting to urge to go to Union City, I think I need a Botanica fix!

Rereading my witchy books.  You never realize how many books you have until you can't afford to buy anymore! LOL!  I'm also taking advantage of the local library.  I actually almost bought Blogging for Dummies!  $26.00 are they kidding me?  I requested it at the library.  $26.00 to be called a dummy, why pay for that when I can get insulted for free!

Working on list of books that I'm rereading and offering up my  humble opinion.  I know, I know, opinions are like....never mind this is a G rated blog!

Still figuring out this blogging stuff.  I added a little widget at the bottom of the page in case you need help rhyming!  Is that cool or what?  I figure it would come in handy when working on a spell?

I'm kind of curious to know how other witchy folk celebrate the full moon?  What did you do this past weekend or are you doing something this evening?  


  1. I buy most of my books on Ebay. You can get some really great deals.